T he 2011 Lions European Forum in Maastricht approved the establishment of a European Lions University (ELU). The ELU is a unique opportunity  to welcome  students from all over Europe to discuss the main issues of our contemporary societies.  The purpose is to approach these questions in the light of the ethics of liberty and harmony praised by the Lions

ELU is a week-long seminar that explores topics choosen at the European Forum such as: philosophy of liberty, the rule of law, human rights, markets and globalization, monetary and financial issues, public finance, environment and property. The program features lectures, dicussions and workshops led by oustanding faculty from different countries.

The Old Europe is suffering from economic and cultural diseases.  It needs a new generation of leaders, those who will shape the society of tomorrow. It needs open minded young people, with the conviction that liberty and understanding among the peoples will save our nations.

The Lions have the duty and the pride to support the young minds who share an interest in exploring and applying the principles fostering a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world, the spirit of the Lions.

——————–  Alumnus Testimony ——————–

Mairie d'AixLast year (2012) Alexandre Correard, sponsored by the Montceau Les Mines Lions Club, has attended the ELU.

“ I was far from  knowing what was waiting for me. The lectures and debates were at the top intellectual level. I will come back every year if it’s possible. The issues discussed were about philosophy, economics and political science. The discussions were very deep and stimulating. But I was also impressed by the humane, humanist dimension of the debates.”

Did feel any connection with the Lions’ spirit?

“ Yes, many connections. I know the Lions, as my mother is a member of a club. I can fairly say that the moral values of generosity and liberty were at the heart of the debates. Last, but not least, I met a group of twelve fellows,  strangers at the beginning of the seminar and who are real friends today“


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